Helping You Make Smart Decisions About Energy Outlook

Energy Outlook Advisors is an independent research and advisory firm that focuses on the outlook for energy markets and disruptive technologies as well as energy-related geopolitics, policies, and security guidelines. We advise a multitude of investors, companies, institutions, and governments on the current status of various energy markets. Backed by our extensive experience in the industry, we have what it takes to keep you abreast of new developments and the ever-changing outlook for the following:

  • Oil Markets

  • Natural Gas Markets

  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Markets

  • Power Markets

  • Renewable Energy

  • Disruptive Technologies

In-Depth Analysis of Factors Affecting Energy Markets

Our global- and national-level analysis encompasses the interconnected economic, political, legal, technical, and environmental factors that influence various energy markets. We use the knowledge we gain from these studies to advise investors, private equity fund firms, and companies in the industrial and real estate sectors that depend on the activities of the oil and gas sector for growth.

In particular, we are versed in an area of expertise involving U.S. shale plays. Aside from this, we help governments evaluate and assess their energy policies in light of their vision for the future.

Creating Solutions to Meet Your Energy Security Needs

We can tailor our proprietary model of measuring and assessing energy security to produce the ideal outcome for an individual country. Our experience involves serving clients globally, nationally, and locally.

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At Energy Outlook Advisors, we aim to assist you in implementing sustainable energy policies and security measures.
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